Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline Braided Fishing line

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- New and Improved Up to 30% Stronger - New Filler Package New Smaller, Clear Spool Less Weight Less Waste - Color-Lock coating technology - casts farther, lasts longer - Dyneema PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round - Fluor polymer- Treated microfibers - shoots through guides like a bullet
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Constructed for ultimate strength with the thinnest diameter, SpiderWire Braided Stealth Superline fishing line delivers smooth and quiet performance to give you the upper hand. Made with Dyneema ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, this new and improved fishing line is now up to 30 percent stronger than before. These strong, smooth, and round fluoropolymer-treated microfibers allow Stealth Superline to cast farther, shooting though the guides of your rod like a bullet for whisper quiet stealth attacks. The no-stretch properties of Dyneema fibers also offer exceptional sensitivity to instantly detect bites and help prevent the line from digging in on reels. This braided fishing line comes in a moss green color for low visibility under water, giving you the edge while sneaking up on unsuspecting fish. And for added convenience, Superline is now packaged in a thinner spool designed to take up less weight and less space in your tackle box.
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