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Find Reliable, High-Quality Fishing Reels Online

At Kiehberg, you can find a wide range of fishing reels that match your casting style and fishing rods. Our team can help you find the best reel for the job, whether you’re trying your hand at fly fishing or are more comfortable with a traditional spinning reel.

We have several types of reels available, whether you’re just getting started or a long-time, die-hard angler. You can find the perfect combination of performance and reliability with this fishing gear.

Spinning Reels

This is one of the most common types of fishing reels because it offers a lot of functionality. They have fixed, open-faced spools that sit below the rod, and the long casting range gives you plenty of flexibility and finesse. These reels are usually recommended if you’re going after small to medium-sized species of fish.

Trolling Reels

These fishing reels are designed to help you cover a larger amount of space, especially in deep-water areas. While these aren’t for everyone, they definitely have their uses in the right conditions.

Baitcasting Reels

You can often get a little more control and accuracy with this style of reel. It is often used by more experienced fishers who want to land their lures in a precise location.

Advanced and Beginner Options

At Kiehberg, you can find reels that are perfect for the occasional fishing trip as well as advanced models that were designed for hundreds of casts on a regular basis. The smooth operation, quality materials, and dependable parts make it easy to buy fishing reels online and receive the quality components for your next trip.

Take a look at our current selection and find the one that matches your casting style.