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Air Rifles

Whether you’re shooting small game in the backyard or participating in a competition, we have the air rifles and accessories outdoorsmen with all levels of expertise and interests need. At Kiehberg India, we have a wide selection of air rifles for competition and hobby rifles for shooting in the back yard. We have break barrels, pre- charged pneumatics, and completion rifles. We also have knowledgeable team members who can recommend the right air rifle that best matches your interest and intent.

Match (Competition) Air Rifles

For the competitive shooter, our high-quality match air rifles are second to none which will help give you an advantage over the competition. Kiehberg India is a top distributor for top European competition air rifle brands like Steyr, Walther, Anschutz, Diana RWS and Precihole. Here, you’ll also find air rifles from Feinwerkbau, which has produced match winning rifles including those that have won gold medals at the London Olympics and World Championships in Munich, Germany.
We offer a variety of competition air rifles in different styles, shapes, and color. No matter if you’re a beginner getting your first air rifle or you’re a veteran looking to replace your gun with something newer, we are sure to have the right air rifle for you.

Hobby Air Rifles

For the more leisurely, recreational outdoorsmen, we have hobby rifles from brands such as the Steyr H5, Walther LG 1250 Dominator, Benjamin Marauder, Benjamin Maximus, Crosman, Umarex, and Weihrauch. There are also pre-charged pneumatic rifles available. Break barrels from Diana RWS like the MOD 350 Magnum, MOD 34 Premium and fixed barrel MOD 460 Magnum are also available. Indian break barrel air rifles from Precihole come in a variety of models.

So if you’re looking for an air rifle in India or looking to buy an air rifle online, Kiehberg is the place. We offer free shipping on all air rifle orders. Our customers can also buy air rifles with confidence online using our private and secure online checkout system.

Kiehberg partners with the world’s best air rifle manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest quality air rifles and accessories. Check out our collection of air rifles below and buy online today!

Showing 1 - 16 of 52 results

Showing 1 - 16 of 52 results