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BBs Air Gun Pellets

BB guns and BB pellets, sometimes called BBs, have been around since 1900. The term “BB” came from the size of shotgun shot, which fell between “B” and “BBB.” Some dictionaries, however, state that “BB” stands for “ball bearing.” Regardless of their name origin, BBs have been around before pellets, which have become more popular among air gun owners because of their accuracy.

BB pellets are spherical projectiles made of solid steel. These types of pellets are most used by recreational and hobby air gun users who simply like shooting their guns for fun in the backyard, where accuracy isn’t important. It is also important to exercise caution when shooting with BB pellets as their non-aerodynamic shape can make their trajectory unpredictable and their steel composition make the risk of ricochet high.

If you have an air pistol or air rifle and you simply want to do the fun, occasional plinking in the backyard with your friends, BBs pellets are the recommended ammunition you’ll need.

3 results

3 results