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Throwing Knives

Knife throwing is thought to have originated in Central Africa around 1000AD. The art of knife throwing has evolved into a competitive sport that can be enjoyed by many. A good throwing knife, an open area and a target are all that is needed to throw knives.

Throwing knives are different from other knives, like daggers as they are specially designed and built for throwing. They are often made of one piece of steel though there are two sections: the sharp blade and the dull handle. There are two major categories of throwing knives, or throwers, for short: balanced and unbalanced. With balanced knives, the weight of the blade and handle are equal while an unbalanced knife will have a handle that is slightly heavier than the blade. The trajectory of unbalanced throwing knives is more unpredictable than balanced ones.

The proper trajectory of a throwing knife involves a circular, revolving motion. While throwing knives are generally light in weight, some are heavier than others. The lighter knives are easier to throw but don’t have as stable as a flight and experience more “bounce” off the target than heavier throwing knives.

Whether you’re interested in trying knife throwing for the first time or you’re in the market for a new, replacement knife, Kiehberg has a variety of throwing knives available with different styles and from various well-known knife manufacturers around the world.