Wooden Grip Right Hand For Mechanical Pistols

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Compatible Weapons
Position No-73
STEYR evo 10 / evo 10 Compact
STEYR LP 10 / LP 10 Compact
STEYR LP 2 / LP 2 Compact (Position No-108)
STEYR LP 50 / LP 50 Compact (Position No-126)
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 * Dimensions(LBH) : 13mm X11.5 mm X4 mm                                                                       

• Type: Overgrip
• Design: Gripper

"The grip is that portion of the mechanism that is held by the hand and orients the hand in a forward, vertical orientation, similar to the position one would take with a conventional pistol. Steyr Wooden Grip Right Hand For Mechanical Pistols.Grips have a total adjustment in all directions and come in a large variety of sizes to fit most hands."
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