Centra Sight 1.8 Super AR II

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Iris aperture with 10-colour filter and polariser

Ranges have different lighting, wallpapers, walls etc, an adjustable rear iris is helpful. The adjustable rear iris allows the shooter to control the amount of light getting to the aiming eye. If you are shooting outside in bright light, filters help bring the colour & contrast on the target under control. If it is dark outside, you can use others colour to brighten the contrast. The 1.8 Twin has ten colour wheel settings: With these colours and the aperture itself, you'll be able to find a setting that gives you a great sight picture without adding any confusion from a polarising filter.
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– Filter colours: ace amethyst, 4 grey levels, yellow, peach, red, green, brown

– UV-400 filter coating

– Super anti-reflection coating on filter

– Interchangeable steel  thread adapter

– Colour: gunmetal / black

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