Ballistol Robla Solo 65 ml

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• Dissolves copper, zinc, tombac and lead residues • Does not attack steel, nickel and chrome • Robla Solo MIL: thin fluid to fill barrel completely • Robla Solo FORCE: strong surface adhesion for easy cleaning
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"Robla Solo Mil the tested and unsurpassed barrel cleaner for all guns Robla Solo MIL consists of very special compounds including ammonia. This formula has not only the power to dissolve any residue of copper, tombac and zinc but also lead, the number one enemy to the precision of a gun. Steel, chrome and nickel are not attacked by Robla Solo MIL. In case of heavy metal residue it is a good idea to put Robla Solo MIL into the barrel, which must be plugged on one side by means of cork or gum stopper, and then wait for a couple of hours, best overnight, until Robla Solo MIL has done its job. If there is just slight residue to be removed, it suffices to pull a tow (Sucol, Sucolin or Sucolin Extra) or a felt stopper soaked with Robla Solo MIL through the barrel several times."
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