JSB Diabolo Exact Express .177 Cal , 7.87 Grains, 4.52mm

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Recommended for shooting with Hatsan PCP: AT44, BT-65, GALATIAN, GLADIUS, and spring-loaded ones, including APACHI 1100X, STRIKER, MOD 55, MOD 80, MOD 90, MOD 95, MOD 125, MOD 135, TORPEDO 150 and TORPEDO 155.


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Technical Specifications
Calibre: .177
Diameter: 4.52mm
Weight: 7.87gr
Nose: Round
Quantity: 500 pellets/tin
"Diabolo Exact Express - construction of this shot provides the reduction of air resistance, which has a direct impact on a stable, flat flight path and small precipitation over long distances. Compared to other Exact pellets, the Diabolo Exact Express at 4.52 mm is lighter but retains the characteristics of its heavier counterparts: it has an increased speed (vo = 250 m / s for a 16-17 J windbreaker) and keeps the flight path even with strong gusts of wind. Used at the Field Target and HFT competitions. Features that distinguish the Exact series of pellets are high quality, precision workmanship, and perfect balance. They contribute to greater accuracy when shooting long distances. This accuracy is the result of a flat flight path and a small drop over large distances, which the shot is due to the rounded head (Round), reducing air resistance. These pellets are characterized by a stable flight trajectory also during strong gusts of wind. Used by players (including world champions in FT competition) who can boast medal positions at many sporting events. Smooth goblet, without knurling."
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