H&N Field Target Sampler Pack, .177 Cal, Domed (6 Head Sizes), 240ct

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H&N sample pack with 6 different head sizes.
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Technical Specifications
Caliber: .177 (4.5mm)
Field Target trophy- 8.64 gr
Baracuda Match- 10.65 gr
Head Size (Diamatere):
4.50mm , Field Target Trophy
4.51mm , Field Target Trophy
4.52mm , Field Target Trophy
4.50mm , Baracuda Match
4.51mm , Baracuda Match
4.52mm , Baracuda Match
Nose: Dome
Quantity: 40pellets/tube
"* .177 Cal H&N pellet sample pack contains 3 Field target trophy (8.64grains) and 3 Baracuda match weight (10.65grains) * Reclosable tubes * 240 pellets total * Get two of the most useful and accurate domed pellets made today by one of the top pellet makers in the world. * Some air guns prefer larger pellet heads, and this H&N sampler pack lets you determine which your airgun prefers and which delivers the best accuracy."
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