Elite Force Mission Knife 5.0990-1

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- Long blade. (Cm) : 6.2cm
- Length (cm) :  8.6cm
- Width (cm) :  6.2cm
- Weight (g) :  88g
- Color :  Black

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10 pcs 2 x black, olive, green, pink, and red
Blade Shape:  Spearpoint
Locking:  liner lock
Overall length:  158 mm
Weight:  67 g
 Grip Material:  Plastic
Blade Length:  67 mm
The kit for kids – if you want to be a knife fan, it’s best to start early. The new kit from Elite Force contains all the parts of a folding knife, but made of rugged plastic and without a sharp blade. Kids can learn how a liner lock works and build their own knife. Parents are only allowed to watch
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