English sallet w/visor Mask Steel Warrior Home Decor Medieval Helmet

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• A Traditional Medieval Knights Helmet • Made from Quality Steel • Modeled After the Sallet Helmets of History • Front of Helm Features a Narrow Vertical Eye Slit • Possesses a Simple, Short Wedge Across the Helms Crown • Stunning as a Display Item, Collectors Piece, or Gift
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The sallet was a common enough helmet after their rise during the middle of the 15th century. Helms like this Deep Visored Sallet Helmet were rather protective, while also lacking the drawbacks of many earlier great helmets. A typical sallet was a close-fitting helm that offered all the protection of a typical great helmet.The helmet is crafted almost entirely from high quality steel, which not only gives it a realistic look that is perfect for display , but also makes it a great helmet to wear whenever you want to enter into a mock-battle . If you have been looking for a great helmet to display in your collection, then your search is over, because this EnglishVisored Sallet Helmet is a great one to choose, when you plan of displaying it. (Display stand included)
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