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SureCatch Softmax Leader Line 100m


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"- Japanese Technology
- SUPER Soft Leader
- Superior Quality Leader Line
- High abrasion resistance
- Co-polymer Monofilament Leader
- Supreme line and knot strength
- Premium quality freshwater and saltwater grade
- Designed & engineered by SureCatch Japan
- Length: 100m
- Diameter/ Inch: 0.40mm/0.016"""
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It is often difficult to get a high quality leader that has a soft feel while maintaining a high abrasion resistance as well as integrity of the knot. SureCatch have certainly managed this with their new offering of Softmax. This Japanese made co-polymer has been tested in Australia in trying conditions, from Barra in the Top End to Kingfish and Snapper on the Coast, and Softmax has always out-performed the other co-polymer leaders. For a well priced quality leader try SOFTMAX.