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Caliber .177
Velocity 345 meters per second
Stock :  High-grade beechwood stock
RECOIL PAD: SWA Shock wave absorber
Weight: 3.5
   Overall Length 44.0"
POWERPLANT: Spring Piston system
Shot Capacity 1
TRIGGER LOCK:Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system                                                                                                                                                                                                  Energy < 20 J
"The CFX Royal is a high-powered, fixed-barrel airgun with luxury features. The fixed-barrel system ensures greater accuracy, and the power of this airgun makes it suitable for shooting at distances of over 40 metres with great accuracy. This airgun comes with a wooden hunting-style butt, which makes it unique. Incorporates the SWA Shock Wave Absorber, a new nock which can dampen the recoil by 74% compared with a standard nock. "
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