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CO2 Air Gun Cartridges

Air guns have three ways of being powered: Spring-piston, pneumatic and compressed CO2. Knowing how your air gun is powered can help you determine its power, best use and optimal pellet or BBs to shoot.

If you have an air gun that propels projectiles via compressed CO2 (or carbon dioxide), you will need CO2 cartridges. At Kiehberg, we sell CO2 air gun cartridges in various sized packs. Each CO2 cartridge can power between 30 and 200 shots. Air temperature, the canister size and canister valve setting, the pace of one’s shooting, the “blowback” amount and whether the gun is set to automatic or semi-automatic settings.

Our CO2 air gun cartridges fit most CO2 powered air pistols and air rifles. The various package sizes can help you find the right number of cartridges you need and not pay for more than you need. Our staff would be happy to help you find the right package for you as well as give you tips on maximizing their usefulness.

3 results

3 results