Anschutz 9015 Black Air

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Total length (cm) 106.5 - 11
Total weight (kg) 4.3
Butt Plate Carrier Material Aluminum
Caliber  4.5 mm
Rifling (mm) 420 
Length of twist (mm) 480
Number of grooves 12
Barrel length (mm) 420
Length of the barrel unit (mm) 592
Length of aiming (mm) 620 - 897
Muzzle diameter (mm) 22
Safety yes
Version right/left
Length of barreled action (mm) 734 - 844
Weight (g) 2400
Trigger Type Two stage trigger 5065 4K 
Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm) 30-170
The Anschutz Model 9015 is a match air rifle for all marksmen and all disciplines, from junior to adult marksmen and from seniors to bench rest marksmen. The new 9015 barreled action was developed based on the successful ANSCHÜTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barreled action. With optimized air pressure control characteristics, a new patented 5065 4K trigger with ball bearings and versatile adjustable trigger blade, a stainless steel barrel unit and the thin, special coated muzzle tube (also made of stainless steel, this barreled action will replace all former ANSCHÜTZ air rifle barreled actions in the future. Maintenance free stabilizer Revolutionary firing pin and valve system for even calmer shot release Optimized flow behavior Recoil and vibration free compressed air barreled action Extremely short lock time Precisely adjustable match trigger with axial ball bearing Optimized cocking Special concept for dry firing and safety Air filter against pollutions Maintenance-friendly system Easily exchangeable compressed air cylinder with manometer Adjustable trigger blade Cocking lever mountable left and right The stock of the 9015 Black Air is for right handed shooters and is equipped with vibration absorbing elastomers. Other features of this stock are the multi-adjustable aluminum butt plate and cheek adjustment. The Anschutz soft-grip coating combines the outstanding vibration damping and recoil absorbing characteristics of a naturally grown wooden stock with the characters of an easy- care and weatherproof plastic stock.
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