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Perfecta Rescue Bracelet I

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Weight :  22 g
Overall Length :  230 - 3600 mm

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Perfecta Rescue Bracelet I

The original Perfecta rescue bracelet that has since led to the Perfecta Rescue Bracelet II, continues to be a popular choice among those who are regularly exploring the wilderness of the outdoors. The Perfecta Rescue Bracelet is small, lightweight and comes in a neutral black color that can be worn by both men and women. As small as this bracelet is, it packs immense life-saving power should one get lost in the wilderness or if an emergency arises and help is far away. This particular rescue bracelet comes with a plastic fastener that can quickly and easily open and close. The overall length of the string that makes up the bracelet can be unraveled to 3.6 meters long and can be used in a variety of ways that increases one’s risk of survival including shelter building, fishing, small came catching, fire starting and as a temporary, emergency turnequette should an accident occur.

This small rescue bracelet may look like a sporty style accessory, but its life-saving potential has made it a necessity for any serious outdoorsman. If you have any questions about rescue bracelets, contact a Kiehberg specialist today.