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Pellgun Oil- For CO2 Airguns

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- For CO2 & multi-pump pneumatic guns
- Put a drop on the tip of every third 12-gram or 88-gram CO2 cartridge before inserting it
- Frequently apply a drop of Pellgunoil to the pump head of a multi-pump pneumatic gun
- Seals the gun
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Oil every 250 shots by putting 1 drop on the threads of the piercing tube cap, pump pivot pins and pump cup and the tip of CO2 cylinder. A light coat of Pellgunoil® on the barrel helps prevent rust. Pelgunoil lube recomended for all types if CO2 pistols/rifles. Lubricates and protects the seals/rings. Apply a drop on the top end of the cartridge everytime you change the CO2 cartridge

DO NOT use petroleum distillate based oil or solvent and DO NOT over-oil as this can cause damage to your airgun.