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KONUS FLASH-4 Rechargeable Headlamp Cree Light, 3W

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•   Rechargeable Head Torch
•   Zoom Illumination
•   Cree Q5
•   3 Watt
•   220 Lumens
•   3 Modes: 100% - 50% - Flashing
•    Adjustable Crown/Headband

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Color FinishBlack
Weight LBS1.25


The 3917 is a head torch that has ben developed with  LED illumination in order to provide a more intense light along with enchanced durability, thus becoming an indispensable tool for every serius hunter outdoorsman. It features a headband for hands-free operation and two selectable modes of use. It is  also rechargeble by virtue of the included A/C adapter. Head torches are truly indispensable tools for every serious professional or outdoorsman that is in need of hands-free illumination. the 3917 is a rechargeable model with enhanced power.