H & N Sport Sampler 5 Types .22cal.

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• .22 cal H&N pellet sampler • 30 H&N Crow Magnum pellets | 1.18g/18.21gr • 35 H&N Silver Point pellets | 1.11g/ 17.13gr • 30 H&N Baracuda Power (copper-coated) pellets | 1.37g/ 21.14gr • 30 H&N Baracuda Hunter pellets | 1.18g/ 18.21gr • 30 H&N Baracuda Green pellets | 0.80g / 12.35gr Get 5 popular H&N air gun pellets to help you determine which ammo shoots best in your guns. Resealable tube for no-spill storage & transport. These pellets provide best performace when used in air guns.
Caliber   0.22
Ammo Type         Pellets
Suggested for  Hunting.
Contains Type of Pellets                5
Quantity  156 (Approx.)


The choice of the right pellet is of absolute importance for your success in hunting. The new "five-pack 5.5mm / .22 cal. hunting pellets" contains the appropriate answer. In the proven, re-sealable tubes you will always find the right hunting pellet . All pellets have an excellent precision and devastating effect in the target. This assures fatal results, even with less-than-perfect shot placement and at longer ranges.

  • Crow Magnum pellets are meant for medium ranges and have a flat trajectory.
  • Silver Point pellets are for medium ranges and offer higher impact and penetration.
  • Baracuda Power pellets are exceptionally accurate and ideal for long-range hunting and shooting.
  • Baracuda Hunter pellets also have exceptional accuracy and are hollowpoint. They'll perform well for hunting and pest elimination.
  • Baracuda Green pellets are lead-free and will deliver higher velocities due to their light weight.
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