Elite Force Shovel EF804 Tactical Shovel, 5.0959

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- Lightweight and compact folding shovel and pick
- Tri-fold design for portability
- Comfortable, folding steel handle
- Includes nylon carrying case w/ gear loops
- Overall length: 18.25-inches,
- Weight: 24.5 ounces ,
- Multi-function: digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering, bottle opening, shoveling.
- Foldable with a carrying pouch with a loop so the shovel may attach to a belt or backpack.

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This tool, which comes in a nylon pouch, fits in any car trunk and is essential in camping gear. The folding spade from Elite Force is made of stamped, black painted steel and the blade has a saw edge at the side. When folded out, the spade is secured by a ring on the handle. The blade and its rear section, which is shaped like a narrow hoe, can be locked at a right angle to the handle, allowing the two parts to be used for jobs like aerating a flower bed or weeding
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