Colonial 1806 Replica Napoleonic Flintlock Pistol

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•   Authentic Details
•  Non-fireable
•  For Decorative Purposes Only
•  Functional Lock Mechanism

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Overall Length :   14 Inches
Barrel Length :   7.375 Inches
Blade Length :   17 Inches
Weight :   1 lb. 8 oz.

Napoleons personal flintlock pistol was made in 1806 by Jean-Baptiste Gribeauval, of St. Etienne and is preserved in a French museum. History records the fact
that it was used as a traveling pistol, carried by Napoleon in his overcoat. Napoleons insignia is prominently displayed on the grip and the gun making talents of
Gribeauval are readily apparent. This non-firing replica is accurately detailed and provides a great collector and conversation piece.

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