Cold Steel English Truncheon 21.5" Polymer Black

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- Thickness: 1 1/4” (Base) 1 3/4”(Neck) - Handle Length: 6.5" - Steel/Material: Polypropylene - Overall Length: 21.5"
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The Truncheon employed by British “Bobbies” has always held a fascination for us. Not only were these heavy sticks used as the “tool of the trade” for these tough-as-nails law enforcement officers against the criminal element of Victorian England, but they also served as a symbol of authority, and almost an Officer’s badge in their own right - with the Royal crest, and his jurisdiction/department and number painted on the shaft. Frequently made from Lignum Vitae, an incredibly heavy and dense hardwood, these Truncheons were employed with devastating effect. Truncheons have a colorful history, and techniques often included thrusting jabbing strikes, rapping strokes, and joint manipulation and locks, but these were often abandoned in favor of simply “clobbering” an opponent with a heavy strike to the head! Much prized by collectors, particularly overseas, these beautiful sticks are often expensive, and (as they are made of wood) often cracked, warped, mildewed and aged. Our modern interpretation of these fascinating tools is not only good looking (highly decorated with eye-catching details) but it’s also precision injection molded from high-impact polypropylene, making it amazingly impact resistant while being weatherproof and waterproof.
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