Ahg Boots(Shoes) Model Allround Grey-Black

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- This new ahg-shoe with a sporty look is especially designed for all shooting disciplines like running target, trap, skeet, pistol and all shotgun shooting. • Well padded tongues absorb pressure which might cause discomfort. • Sturdy boots.
- Comfortable lacing. • Beautiful finish inside and outside gives the boots a sports fashion touch.
- The anatomically shaped inner sole prevents foot fatigue during competition. Material: leather. Sole: India rubber

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TheAhg Boots fulfils all modern sport orthopaedic requirements. The two-part inner soles (which can be ordered separately) enable the boot to be individually adjusted for height both at the heel and at the forefoot. The perforations at the sides improve ventilation to the foot. It allows the foot to make its natural flexing action during walking and then returns to its original position in order to provide flat, full-surface contact with the ground when the wearer is standing in a way that shooters are familiar with and have come to like. High-quality materials and is subjected to the most stringent quality controls.
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