What to Look for in an Air Gun

Shooting an air gun can be fun and exciting. Chances are that after your first shooting experience, whether it was on an inside range or casually shooting with friends outside, you’ll want to go out shooting again.

If you think that you’re going to really get into shooting, you should buy your own air gun.

There are three types of air guns out on the market and there are a variety of air gun ammunition. The type of air gun and ammunition depends on what you intend to use the gun for and what your personal preferences are.

Types of Air Guns

The three types of air guns available are spring-pistons, pneumatic and CO2 air guns. Spring pistons have a long use life, easy maintenance and repair, and high projectile velocity, but have strong recoil, isn’t as accurate and takes time between shots for loading. Pneumatic air guns rely on compresses air to propel the ammunition. These have less recoil than the spring-pistons, are accurate and easy to use. Pneumatic air guns are commonly used in competition as they are easy to adjust the settings for either long or short-range shooting. They come in single and multi-stroke variations. CO2 air guns, like the pneumatic air guns, provide the shooter with multiple shots. CO2 air guns are most used in training, as the guns and their ammunition are inexpensive, and safe to use. CO2 air guns don’t require specialized facilities for firing safety and they can be purchased and owned in areas where firearms possession is either strictly controlled or banned outright.

Types of Air Gun Ammunition

Traditionally, BB pellets were the choice ammunition for air guns. While they are still available, they provide a less accurate shot compared to other forms of ammunition. The hard steel and round shape of the pellets have the potential to jam the air gun and act erratically when exiting the muzzle of the gun, posing potential injury dangers. BB pellets can be safely used in certain types of air riffles, however, and are a good option for indoor training, recreational shooting and training children. These are the least expensive type of air gun ammunition.

The most common, and most expensive, air gun ammunition is the diabolo pellet. Instead of being round, these pellets have a narrow waist in the middle, looking like an hourglass. These pellets stabilize drag and are made with tin, plastic and blends of other metals. Diabolo pellets come in a variety of sizes. It is important to know what size of pellet your air gun takes as many air guns only accept a certain size of pellet.

Darts and arrows can also be used in air guns. Unlike pellets, these kinds of ammunition can be reused.

Air Gun Caliber

You’ll need to select what caliber your air gun needs to have based on how you plan to use the air gun. The most popular caliber is .177 which is used in target shooting events. The most common air gun calibers are

.177 (4.5 mm): the most common caliber. Mandated by the ISSF for use in international target shooting competition at 10m, up to Olympic level in both rifle and pistol events. The least common calibers include .357, .45, .50 and .58. These are for larger air guns and are used for hunting large animals.

What to Look For in An Air Gun Seller

When looking for an air gun in India, you need an air gun seller that has a large variety and inventory of guns and ammunition. If you’re not sure what kind of air gun you need or want, you’ll also need to find an air gun seller who has a knowledgeable and responsive staff.

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