7 Self-Defense Weapons to Carry

With the escalation of violent assaults, there has been an increased need and interest in one’s self-defense classes and weapons -- especially for women.

The classes teach individuals basic self-defense moves to safely get out of an attack. While women are greatly encouraged to attend these self-defense classes, they are not accessible to all women. However, there are still plenty of women out there who don’t know how to get away from an attacker, creating a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

When many people think of self-defense weapons, they think of guns. While guns are an effective way to help protect yourself, they are not legal everywhere and sometimes not necessary when it comes to defending oneself.  

So, what are some self-defense weapon alternatives that can be easily carried?

Here are some suggestions for those who want the comfort and sense of safety without the legality or danger of carrying a gun:

Tactical Knife

tactical knife - tac-force speedster

These are a popular alternative to guns. They are more socially accepted and can be legally carried on one’s person (except at a school, government facility, airport, etc.). They are easy to carry, are lightweight, and easy to conceal. Knives can also be used for purposes other than self-defense as well.

If you think a knife is the best choice for you, look for a knife that is light-weight and has a blade that is at least 3 inches long. Make sure the knife is sturdy and made from quality material such as stainless steel.

Taser or Stun Gun

If an attacker is close and you don’t feel comfortable using a knife, a taser or stun gun will immediately immobilize your attacker, giving you time to escape. Most tasers and stun guns immobilize attackers for a minimum of 5 seconds.

These kinds of self-defense weapons are easy to carry, work immediately and are non-lethal.

Tasers and stun guns have come a long way and now you can find models with a built-in flashlight, and snatch prevention mechanisms to keep them from getting snatched from your hands by an attacker.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has been a popular option for women in recent years. It is effective in temporarily immobilizing an attacker while not being as extreme as a taser of stun gun. Pepper spray is a chemical that causes temporary irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system.

Pepper spray, however will not stop an attacker like a taser would, but it will slow an attacker down, allowing you an opportunity to escape.

When looking at pepper spray, look for pepper spray that is compact and has a safety switch to prevent accidental triggering.

Some brands also have UV marking dye that can help the police identify your attacker.

Hair Brush Dagger

hair brush dagger

Why not have a self-defense weapon that you already carry and can serve multiple purposes? A hair brush that also acts as a dagger may be just what a woman needs to protect herself. It looks, feels and works like an average hair brush. However, the bristles of the brush can quickly and easily be removed to reveal a stiletto dagger and effective self-defense weapon. While it won’t be as effective as a knife, it can still injure an attacker, buying you time to get away.

This product is a perfect option for those who want to keep their hair style intact while also being prepared for anything.

Tactical Flashlight

tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight is an easy to carry, inconspicuous self-defense weapon that also serves multiple purposes. Many attacks happen at night, so a flashlight itself can be a possible life-saver. You can see where you’re going, see an attacker approaching and draw attention should a situation get uncomfortable or dangerous.

A tactical flashlight, however, differs from a traditional flashlight. Tactical flashlights are heavy duty, enabling hard impacts and strikes on an attacker. Some models even have aluminum, jagged edges around the lens making them an effective fist weapon.  They also have multiple light settings. These settings are bright enough to light one’s path for a long distance, allowing you time to see what’s coming and give you time to react. The brightness can also cause temporary blindness to an attacker, allowing you time to run away.

Self-Defense Keychain

self-defense keychain

While a self-defense keychain is not a self-defense weapon, it can deter attackers much like a car alarm deters would be thieves. The keychain emits a loud whistle when activated, catching the attention and interest of those who may be nearby.

Attackers may be scared away by the noise, but it won’t keep a determined attacker from attacking. The self-defense keychain is small and light, easily attaching to your car keys so you’ll always have it with you. 

Smartphone Apps

Cellphones have become so advanced that we can’t imagine a day or an hour without them. They can do so much, including self-defense. There are many smartphone apps out there to choose from. These apps emit loud sounds and bright lights from your cellphone, altering those nearby that you’re in trouble. Some apps even send text messages and updates on social media to alert friends and family that you’re in trouble and need help.

Personal safety is important, especially today. There are many different types of self-defense weapons out there. No matter what weapon you’re comfortable with, it is important that they are not geared to help you win a fight, but to escape from one.