The great outdoors is a wonderful place to explore and experience on a regular basis, especially when you’re camping. However, if you don’t have the proper gear, you might find yourself seriously underprepared for the situations that might arise during your time away from civilization.

One of the most important tools you can take with you on a camping trip is a good knife. Camping knives are utility tools that you can use for cutting rope, preparing food and even cutting wood for the fire.

If you’re unfamiliar with knives, though, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of choices on the market. The most important thing to consider when purchasing knives is the way that you will use it. Take a look at some of the most common knives for camping and their uses so you can make the best decision for you.

  • Swiss Army

    – Swiss Army knives are some of the most familiar knives to outdoors enthusiasts and handymen alike. These were originally commissioned by the Swiss Army in the late 1800s and contain a variety of different tools, including a blade for cutting. Swiss Army knives vary widely on the number and type of tools they feature. While some only contain 3-4 different tools, others can feature up to 32 different tools. Of course, some of these tools may never be of use to you while you’re camping, so identify what you need before you buy.
  • Multitool

    Multitools are like Swiss Army knives in the fact that they contain a variety of different tools within a unique folding design. These tools often include a variety of different blades, including a serrated blade for easier sawing. Multitools tend to be a little better for camping than Swiss Army knives, mostly due to the higher amount of utility and a more rugged design for the rough outdoors.
  • Pocket Knife

    – The pocket knife is a classic camping tool. It usually includes a single folding blade, but they can also feature multiple blades on some of the more expensive models. Pocket knives are simple and inexpensive, making them a good choice for campers just starting to use knives as part of their outdoors excursions.
  • Assist-opening

    Assist-opening knives are similar to pocket knives in the fact that they are small, compact and easy to fit into your pocket or pack. However, these blades are spring loaded and only need a small amount of effort to open. This spring-loaded mechanism allows for greater ease of use, which comes in handy when one of your hands is busy doing something else.
  • Machete

    Machetes are the largest blades on this list, but that doesn’t disqualify them from the running. If you’re planning on hiking through unexplored wilderness, it’s definitely handy to bring a machete with you. With their long, heavy blades, you’ll be able to cut through thick vegetation with ease.
  • Survival

    – Survival knives are made specifically for survival situations in the outdoors. These are heavy, fixed blades that are perfect for chopping wood and hunting. If you’re looking for a knife that is sturdy, strong and super sharp, this is the the camping knife for you.