The Best Knives for the Outdoors

Survivalists and avid campers agree, a great outdoor knife is invaluable. While the Swiss Army knife gets so much credit for being the do-everything knife, there are other versatile blades out there too. When you are doing heavy duty tasks or chores in a campground, out hunting, or just sitting around the campfire doing some whittling, a knife must fit the task. If you are looking for a new knife, here are the top five knives for the outdoors.

1. CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder

A knife that doubles as a great everyday knife and a great outdoor tool should be reliable. This model is light and folds well for easy pocket-carrying. The blade is 3 inches (or 76.2 mm) long and sharpens well, though it doesn’t require it often. For more safety, the knife features two safety locks, but opens with one hand for ease of use.

2. Walther OSKII Knife

Designed specifically for outdoor use, this has a bigger folding blade at 4 inches (105 mm) long. A great feature is the groove on the cutting edge that makes it ideal for survivalist tasks like shaving bark from branches or various cleaning tasks. The handle has rubber inlays to reduce slipping during use and has a lanyard hole on the end for easy carrying between tasks. Since the blade is so long and sharp, two hands are required for opening the blade, but its heavy-duty construction is ideal for keeping on you in the wilderness.

3. Ka-Bar Full-Size Black Knife

As one of the most popular models among the United States Marine Corps, this knife is used all over the world. The fixed steel blade is 7 inches (178 mm) long and has superior carving ability. It is available in straight edge or with a partially serrated blade, and either option is very dependable. With a unique, curved-tip end, it is a tool that fits many situations. The handle is slip-resistant for easier wielding and is a great all-around use option for any outdoorsman.

4. SOG Force

For the outdoorsman who can’t decide between a straight edge or serrated blade, this knife is a good middle-ground. It gives smooth and clean cuts, giving it a fillet knife-like quality in the field. Made of high quality, lightweight material, this knife isn’t too heavy but still has the capacity of doing big jobs. The handle is contoured and made of glass-reinforced nylon, giving you a comfortable, natural hold. It also is covered in checkering to ensure you have a great grip.

5. Classic Mora Knife

This Swedish knife is a popular choice for outdoorsman because of its function and price. The 4-inch (99 mm) carbon steel blade is great for hunting, skinning, crafts, carving, and outdoor chores. It is easy to use and sharpen. The handle is a simple, fixed-blade design and the sheath is devoid of any frills. While the design may be simple, this knife is a handy tool to keep in your collection. And since it is so reasonably priced, you can afford to buy several to keep stashed around.

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