Air Rifles vs Air Pistols—Choosing the Right Gun 

There are a number of things to consider when you are choosing between an air rifle or air pistol. It’s worth taking some time to research your options andmake sure you find the right type and style of gun for your needs.

Are you involved with casual or competitive shooting? Do you enjoy long or short range target shooting? Are you chasing away rodents and pests around the yard?

There are a lot of different options, depending on your situation.

Here are some things to consider to help you decide.

Air Rifles

A very popular gun choice for both competition and hobby shooters is an air rifle. For competition shooters, choosing an air rifle that best fits their event is critical. For those training and not sure where to start, two great pointers for finding the right air gun are:

  1. Pick the closest model to what you’ll use in competition. Air rifles come at a variety of price points, but upkeep is very important on all of them to maintain accuracy for training and competitions. Buying one that you can keep coming back to is a great strategy to improving your skills.
  2. Look through the accessories that you want to add to your air rifle and make sure they are all compatible. There are some great bonuses that are available for air rifles, like different sights and diopters, so it’s a good idea to have several different options in mind as you research your ideal air rifle.

If you are just looking for a good air rifle for hobby shooting, practically any model will do well. If you are looking to get into competition shooting, then you’re going to need to look at some higher-end models such as the world-renowned Feinwerkbau models.

All of these rifles are extremely quiet, so if you’re also just looking at a way to improve your marksmanship, you can generally do so without bothering the neighbors. Many people practice in their own backyards (taking the necessary precautions, of course).

Air Pistol

Air pistols are used for three types of shooters: competition, hobby, and professional job training. For competitions, air pistols are perfect for practicing. Having your own air pistol helps you run through the exercises with accuracy and speed. Even if you compete in competitions with bullet-loaded pistols, you can feel confident practicing with an air pistol. The ammunition is much less expensive, so you can get more shooting in during training. You don’t even need hearing protection.

For hobby shooters, the pistols are accurate at shooting, easy to hold, and convenient for carrying. Air pistols are a safe and reliable option for those learning to handle a pistol for the first time.This is especially important if you are teaching a first-time shooter gun safety and how to handle a pistol.

Professional job trainers often use air pistols for training employees. For jobs that require them to carry some sort of firearms, many people enter training with varying experience levels with guns. There are some models, like the Beretta 92FS air pistol, that are so realistic to the original version that it’s hard to tell them apart by looking at them. The grips, firing power, and weight are all similar, so new employees can train with these guns without endangering themselves or those around them. These are great tools for training in many circumstances.

The Right Air Gun for the Right Situation

Air rifles and pistols are very different guns. Many shooters eventually use both, but start off buying the onethey are most excited about shooting. Either gun would be a great way to start a collection or build on one that already exists, if there are several situations, like those listed above, in which one would be more effective than the other.