Whether you’re looking to purchase your first air pistol or it’s been awhile since purchasing your last air pistol, you may come across some confusion and you’ll quickly find that air pistols aren’t necessarily cheap. It is important to know what you’re specifically looking for.

What Are Air Pistols?

Air pistols, sometimes called BB guns, can shoot either plastic pellets or metallic round BBs. While there are differences between air pistols and airsoft guns, which don’t shoot metallic BBs very well, and different appearances between air pistols and BB guns (air pistols and rifles look nearly identical to real firearms), the minute differences will only be significant if one chooses to use their gun for competition.

The pellets of air guns are often propelled through the muzzle of the gun with pressurized, compressed air. However, both air pistols and air rifles can also propel pellets via spring-piston and a CO2 canister.  

What Are Air Pistols Used For?

Air pistols aren’t as dangerous as real guns and as a result, are much easier, and cheaper to purchase. While most people get guns for self-defense or to practice target shooting, people get air pistols for a variety of reasons including target shooting, to use in competition, to hunt small game and as a humane method of pest control.   

The most popular use for air pistols is competitive target shooting. Air pistol target shooting has been an Olympic sport since the 1980s and has grown in popularity as the sport requires only a gun, ammunition, targets and an open field. The sport can be enjoyed by participants of any age and fitness level.

Many who purchase air pistols don’t have their sights set on being an Olympian, but enjoy the popular pastime of “plinking,” going into the back yard and shooting at makeshift targets.

The more powerful air rifles can be effectively used to hunt small game such as rabbits, birds and squirrels. Likewise, air rifles can be used to eliminate larger pests such as rats and mice. Whether you’re using your air pistol for small game hunting or pest control, be sure to be aware of your area’s specific firearm use laws.

How Much do Air Pistols Cost?

Air pistols can range greatly in price. The cheapest, most basic varieties can cost less than ₹6,874 while high-end ones with all the bells and whistles can cost upwards of ₹68,745. The cheaper guns are best for infrequent, recreational use while it takes the greater investment in a good-quality gun to be successful in competitive shooting.

When deciding how much to spend on an air pistol, consider the gun’s intended use, the desired power and precision of the gun and the gun’s durability. Some other things to consider is the gun’s propulsion method and the type of ammunition required for the specific type of gun.

What to Consider When Buying an Air Pistol

As mentioned previously, power and precision play a big part in the outcome of your shots. Certain means of propulsion make the pellet or BB exit the gun at a higher velocity. Heavier ammunition will have more impact upon hitting a target. When you combine a high exit velocity with a heavier pellet, you’ll get a more accurate shot.

The durability and overall safety of the air pistol are other things to take note of. Cheaper guns aren’t built with the same quality as the more expensive ones. If you choose to go the cheap route, be sure to clean and maintain your air pistol to ensure safe operation.

Besides ammunition, there are also accessories one should take into the account of the air pistol budget. Shooting glasses, scopes and sights, air tanks, targets and cleaning kits are all things to investigate to ensure that your gun remains in great operational order and that it will last many years.

Air pistols can provide years of great fun and can help one keep up his or accuracy during hunting and competition off-seasons. If this is your first air pistol purchase, feel free to contact us and let our specialists help guide you to the right gun for you.