5 Air Gun Accessories You Need Right Now

There are a lot of fun and practical air gun accessories on the market. The challenge is knowing which ones are worth the cost. If you are looking to add something extra to your air gun, here are five great accessories you can feel confident buying and using.

1. Grips

Adding your custom grips to an air gun is one way that you can personalize your air gun. Choosing a stylish material can set your air gun apart and make it more appealing, but it also changes the way it feels when you hold it. Adding a grip can stabilize the air gun in your hand, as well as provide more comfort and control over the weapon. With air guns, you already have less recoil than a typical air gun, but grips can still reduce recoil with air pistols. Grips come in different colors and are made from various materials including:

  • Ivory
  • Rubber
  • Laminated wood
  • Wood
  • Pearl

2. Air Cylinders

Keeping extra air cylinders on hand allows you to spend more time shooting and gives you extra power when your air gun starts running low. It is a good idea to buy cylinders that are easy to refill and have a user-friendly pressure gauge. Since they have specific amounts of air, pay careful attention when refilling them. If you buy a 200 bar cylinder, it would be dangerous to go above that limit. The length and color of the cylinder is mostly cosmetic, making it more important to find a good fit for your air gun with a brand you prefer, rather than just buying for looks.

3. Straps

If you have an air rifle, you know that it is not always convenient to carry around. Adding a sling to your rifle can free up your hands while hiking or walking between targets without risking accidentally shooting it off. The best tips to follow when choosing your sling are:

  • Find one with an adjustable strap that you can change with each activity, air gun, and amount of clothing you are wearing (i.e. winter coats, jacket, or just a t-shirt)
  • Pick a neutral color. These are best for hunting or strategic exercises. Only choose a bright color if you are buying additional slings so you can swap it out when needed.
  • Include swivels at the attachment point. This helps you maneuver your rifle easier in just about every situation.
  • Choose a comfortable material. If it is too stiff and awkward, it will dig in to your neck or shoulder. The material needs to be comfortable enough to wear often, but still withstand tough conditions.

4. Butt Plates

Butt plates, or the end of a rifle, are easy to customize to your preferences. Buying one that is adjustable makes it easier to get a good hold between different target levels. If multiple shooters are using the rifle it is also nice to have one that can change. The material and shape of the butt plate will alter the comfort levels, recoil, and hold of the air gun when shooting. For fancier personalization, you can engrave a design or words on the end too.

5. Sights

Most air guns come with some sort of sight tool attached, but they are very basic. Buying a site that has more precision and discs to change size will increase your accuracy, handling abilities, and comfort. Some sights come with filters you can insert as well as interchangeable sight covers. Sights are available in different colors and adjustment abilities, giving you more choices for your shooting preferences.

Adding accessories to your air gun is a great way to improve your accuracy, increase comfort, and make your air gun personalized. Rather than requiring the best air rifle or air pistol on the market, you can buy the air gun you want and then add whatever accessories are needed.