Blaser Gun Care Cleaning Kit

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- Comprehensive care and cleaning kit for firearms of all kinds.
- Reliably removes oils, greases, dust, gunpowder residue and sweat from all affected components.
- Includes high-performance coating for lasting corrosion protection.
--> Kit consists of:
* 100 ml gun degreaser
* 50 ml gun cleaner
* 100 ml gun coating
* Cleaning set with microfibre cloth,
* Felt pellets and pull-through cable for cleaning barrels.

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The exclusive Blaser gun cleaning and care kit provides optimum, all-round treatment for your gun to ensure maximum functionality and long service life. Treatment with the gun degreaser reliably removes oils, grease, dust, waxes, gunpowder residue, combustion residue, and sweat from barrels and surfaces. The gun cleaner is specially adapted to meet the particular requirements of barrel cleaning. Barrels can be effectively cleaned of lead, copper and tombac deposits and other gunpowder residue using the pull-through cable and felt pellets included. The gun coating, also included in the set, is a ceramic, high-performance coating. It forms an invisible, dry film on the gun that provides reliable protection against  corrosion and improves the antifrictional properties of moving parts.

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