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The Ballistol Gun Care Kit comes complete in a strong plastic carry case and includes everything you need for the complete care of you air rifle or firearm. This is an ideal accessory or gift for the shooting fan.
- 200 ml spray Ballistol Universal Oil for the allround care.
- 50 ml Klever Quick Blueing & 50 ml Robla cold degreaser can repair damages of Blueing or create new again.
- 50 ml GUNEX spray is the perfect spray for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50°C up to 100°C). Gunex Gun Spray removes powder and tombac residues, ensures that the complete mechanisms of rifles, pistols and revolvers run smoothly, cares and protects.
- 50 ml BALSIN stock oil is ideal for the preventative maintenance of walnut stocks and other unprocessed wooden items and it is also highly recommended for furniture without varnish.
- 100ml Robla Solo MIL is a potent barrel cleaning agent that removes iron, copper, tin, zinc and distract residues.
- SUCOLIN silktow : - With Sucol and Sucolin you have the correct tow at hand for any kind of gun barrel, any caliber and any surface. Due to its super absorptive strength, dirt will be taken up by the tow and removed from the barrel.
- 2 goat hair brushes
- 1 cleaning brush
- 2 lint-free wipes

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With 12 important components: BALLISTOL universal oil spray, KLEVER rapid blackening, Robla cold degreaser, Gunex gun oil, BALSIN stock oil light,  Robla Solo MIL barrel cleaner As well as useful accessories such as two hair brushes, a cleaning brush, and also two fluff-free cleaning cloths. It goes without saying that all KLEVER items are available through your specialist retailer so that you can always stock up on your required care products.